cross NOUN 1) a mark, object, or figure formed by two short intersecting lines or pieces (+ or x). 2) an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion. 3) a cross-shaped decoration awarded for bravery or indicating rank in some orders of knighthood. 4) a thing that is unavoidable and has to be endured: she's just a cross we have to bear. 5) an animal or plant resulting from cross-breeding; a hybrid. 6) (a cross between) a mixture or compromise of (two things). 7) (in soccer) a pass of the ball across the field towards the centre close to one's opponents' goal.
VERB 1) go or extend across or to the other side of (a path, obstacle, or area). 2) pass in an opposite or different direction; intersect. 3) place crosswise: Michele crossed her legs. 4) draw a line or lines across; mark with a cross. 5) Brit. mark or annotate (a cheque) with a pair of parallel lines to indicate that it must be paid into a named bank account. 6) Soccer pass (the ball) across the field towards the centre when attacking. 7) cause (an animal of one species, breed, or variety) to interbreed with one of another. 8) oppose or stand in the way of.
ADJECTIVE annoyed.
at cross purposes — Cf. ↑at cross purposes
cross one's fingers — Cf. ↑cross one's fingers
cross the floor — Cf. ↑cross the floor
cross my heart (and hope to die) — Cf. ↑cross my heart and hope to die
cross off — Cf. ↑cross off
cross oneself — Cf. ↑cross oneself
cross out/through — Cf. ↑cross through
cross over — Cf. ↑cross over
cross someone's palm with silver — Cf. ↑cross someone's palm with silver
cross swords — Cf. ↑cross swords
crossed line — Cf. ↑crossed line
get one's wires (or lines) crossed — Cf. ↑get one's wires crossed
DERIVATIVES crosser noun crossly adverb crossness noun.
ORIGIN Old Irish cros, from Latin crux.

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